What Clients Say About Working with Richard & Kerry

"Richard, I just want to thank you for who you are and the amazing service you provide. I have always been a "MacGyver... do it yourself kinda guy" and that has served me well when I could control my own small business and one employee... me!  

Richard, you are like a magician and as soon as I thought I'd seen the whole show...you would pull another document out of your hat that was just what I needed to organize the next aspect of my Business and cover all the bases.

The time I have spent working with you has been the most resourcefully efficient time I have ever had in business.  I really appreciate the hard questions you ask and how you have helped me be accountable ... to me and my dreams.  It has been a wonderful experience and I am a better person for knowing you and my companies will thrive because of it.  If you want to take your Business and your life to the next level, hire a coach like Richard who has been down the path you are going."

Charles N. Holmes, President & Founder, Conscious Planet

"Working with Kerry has provided me a confidential space in which we can discuss and find ways to strengthen my leadership of the organization, nurture effective business strategies develop new ideas and reveal all sorts of ways to improve our operations.

 As a nonprofit social enterprise, we depend on the success of our business in order to provide programs for women in the community, and I can already see the impact that my coaching experience is having on improving both our business success and our ability to provide programs for women. 

It is a gift to be coached by someone who can share not only her excellent coaching skills, but also her in depth business knowledge and experience."

 Clare Yazganoglu, Executive Director, Victoria Women In Need Community Cooperative

"After having owned and operated a very successful franchise for over 20 years, I thought I had very little to learn about how to effectively communicate with either clients or my staff.  Much to my purpose and immense pleasure not only did I strengthen my business skill, but I also embarked on a journey of personal development.  All along Kerry’s role was of an effective coach – never giving the answers, but always prodding to discover the truth within and recognizing and being aware of my potential.

Kerry created a safe environment for me to accept personal responsibility as an active participant in designing my future.

Personally, I have achieved more, become a better person, and now build more meaningful relationships both in my business and personal life.  Thank you Kerry for partnering with me and allowing me the privilege of beginning my journey."

Azzim Lalani, small business owner

"Since working with Kerry as my Business Coach my income has consistently increased by 30% and my time off has also increased by the same percentage! I believe whole heartedly that having a confidential environment to bounce ideas around and the accountability that comes with a Business Coach are essential to long term success. 

Working with Kerry has forced me to put more organizational structure into my business and has forced me to focus on my business vs in my business. My personal productivity has dramatically increased, I am more effective, my general business knowledge has grown, and I am no longer a prisoner to my phone!"

Michael McMullen, Realtor, Re/max Camosun
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