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Beacon Law Center The House Dressing Company
Women In Need Cooperative Bridges for Women Society
Michael McMullen, Re/max Camosun Go West Design Group
Active Professional Tantastic Tanning Salon
Laura Booker, Booker International Oxford Learning
New Look Skincare Blueline Safety
Re/max Dodi Thorhaug Realty Britta Giese Wine Consultant
Tricia Sturgeon LL Brougham Chartered Accountant
Arden and Grace Designs Parmasters Golf Training Centers
Health for Life Patty Neilson Design
Burnkit Hiro Nakatani, Sutton Group
Kim Switnicki, Lioness for Lovers MoneyMinding Inc.
Re/max Ron Neal & Associates Linda & Lorna Rasmussen
Chris Raper & Associates Laser Star Systems
Share Organics Rosi's Tuscan Bistro
Case Studies

A typical example is one client who after 15 years of running her successful home furnishings and accessories store was still struggling with attracting new customers, having them buy their design services and how to use new media to market to them.  Since working with us she now understands her target market and what problems they have and how she can communicate to them that she has the solution. She also now knows how to provide exceptional customer service and how to build a community of customers that have become her raving fans.  Furthermore she now has systems in place to better serve her customers that make her business unique and separates her from the competition.

Another example is a successful realtor, that after years of being at the beck and call of his clients, now has created systems that resulted in more sales and a more balanced life.  He has successfully and strategically branded himself now that even in a slower real estate market he is in high demand.

After 12 months working with us, a direct sales distributor came to us looking to build a large organization. Not only did he build a successful business, he became one of the top 10 income  earners in his company.  

A top producing mortgage broker wanted to increase her business while still having time off to pursue her other interests. While working with us she developed a strong mareketing strategy and in a few short months not only did her business increase she was enjoying her personal life without stress.

A successful graphic designer came to us to improve her systems.  After we helped her develop systems to create a more efficient process without sacrificing her high level of customer service she is now able to expand her target market for potential clients and her referral business from satisfied clients has increased significantly.

Are some of these statements true for you?


You want to spend less money on your marketing and receive more leads.

How do I decide where and how to advertise my business?  How can I create compelling, powerful and effective advertising campaigns?

I want to target my market more effectively, have more people respond to my marketing message and call me first over my competition.

You want to convert more leads into customers by having a better trained and motivated sales staff who can serve your customers more effectively.

I want to have an effective sales system designed specifically for my clients that will work for any employee who learns it.

I want to develop customer service strategies I could use to grow my customer base faster and more loyal than ever before. I know we could be more effective if we could hire, train and manage our staff better.

You want your current customers to buy from you more often, increase your average dollar sale and improve your profit margins.

What incentives and guarantees can we put in place to ensure predictable and sustainable growth with our current customers?  I want to create that brand loyalty that so many businesses enjoy.

You want to spend less time at work and more time with your family, knowing you have a system in place to run your business without you.

Is it possible to have a strategic plan for all of the above, a plan that I could implement every day?  I could use some help with my leadership skills and abilities to make my business grow and prosper.

"Clients are likely to be successful working with us if.....

You are coachable and willing to put forth your best effort.  Striving for excellence and continuous improvement are built into your corporate culture and mission.  You adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.  You are ready to play the business game full out and 2nd best is not an option.  Does this sound like you? We are here to help you succeed.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with and the kinds of challenges we help to resolve.


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