Quantum Leap Your Business
Private Training Program

Today’s business leaders are required to do more than ever before. Building a successful and sustainable business in the current economy requires initiative, drive, foresight, and strong ethics along with business acumen. As the owner of a small business you are responsible for creating an environment of success while balancing the bottom line of people, planet, and profit. We understand what you’re going through, and we’ve created this intensive year long program Quantum Leap Your Business to teach you the business and leaderships skills necessary to run a successful business.

Learning outcomes and deliverables of the Program:

You will learn Leadership, Management, and Strategic Business Training, how to develop and execute a Strategic Plan, and learn how to maximize all areas of your business. You will become a more successful leader, create systems for your business, create a marketing plan, sales plan, and design your customer service strategy. The skills you will acquire will also allow you to strengthen your abilities in planning, decision making, leading the company strategically and proactively, rather than reacting and working in day to day operations.
This training is a combination of 1:1 sessions and individual work. All course materials and workbooks are provided as part of the training.
This program is client driven and includes the following areas of focus:

Business Fundamentals

You will gain a broad overview of what is a successful business model and the critical components that must be in place to achieve success in a competitive marketplace.

Develop Your Strategic Plan

You will learn the concept behind creating a strategic plan and establish your vision, mission, value and culture for your business. The objective of this module is to conduct a SWOTT analysis of your marketplace, establish your long and short term goals, identify your current reality and identify the key strategies to implement your plan.

Develop Your Marketing

You will learn the basic principles of marketing, branding and engagement concepts in today’s competitive marketplace.  From the foundation of your strategic plan you will identify and articulate your dramatic/competitive advantage difference, identify your key marketing tactics, create and maintain a marketing budget and learn to track the ROI on those tactics.

Create Your Business Systems

You will learn the importance of systems and clearly identify and document all functions in your business. Employee roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and outlined in your company operations manual. You will develop a plan to review your systems for inefficiencies and to ensure they are as efficient and effective as practical in delivering the desired outcome.

Create Your Customer Service Strategy

Customers are the foundation of your business. You will identify and develop a consistent process for delivering customer service. You will develop a plan for handling customer dissatisfaction, develop a customer appreciation program, and establish systems and policies to enhance your customer’s experience.

Strategies for Hiring the Best People

You will learn the importance of a comprehensive hiring and training program for your  trained in a systemized process and all staff members are provided with ongoing training/cross-training.

Create Your Sales Plan

You will learn the importance of having a formalized sales plan and will develop a plan that assists the customers/clients of your business in the decision making process. You will learn how to create regular sales forecasts which are accurate and dependable in order to make business decisions.

Develop Your Capacity as a Leader

Great leadership is a challenge and the greatest competitive advantage a small business has. Engaging the hearts and minds of the people on your team is how things get done. The degree to which people are engaged in their work is due to the quality of the leadership in place. We know that leaders need to be self-aware as well as skilled in the art of strategically and successfully leading people and projects in today’s dynamic and complex work environments. In this module you will learn about behavioural and communication styles and how to engage a diverse team based on their behavioural and communication styles.

Team communication, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

Your success in owning a business will depend on your ability to communicate.  Learn the critical components of effective communication and the different ways we communicate beyond the words we say.  The objective of this module is to provide you with an understanding of tools and techniques to perform problem and solution identification, to build implementation plans, and to confirm successful results. This module uses the Extended DISC model, EQ2.0 and The 5 Dysfunctions of Team materials.

Cost of the training program is $15,000 and is 75 hours over a 12 month period.

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